Looking to become a location partner?

ClevverMail is looking for new international partners who can help offer further business locations to our customers.

We are looking for places centrally located in major cities worldwide.

We bring the customers to you in return for the location and the local services. No investment required.

If you'd like to know more about our partner model and you already have access to a location, please contact us below.


American Tax Oasis

Sao Paulo

Brazil's wealthiest city


Financial center of Switzerland


Business Hub of the Middle East


get the EU digital citizenship


Suggest your location to us!

Join our affiliate program

ClevverMail offers a premium to all who want to offer ClevverMail as a solution to their clients or other potential ClevverMail customers. Signing up as partner is free, non-committing and doesn't require you to hit a minimum quota.

Every fully activated & verified customer that you have introduced will earn a signup fee and a percentage of the customers revenue.

We offer widgets, ClickID's and registration pages that can be fully customized by you. 

Send us an email below if you're interested in our affiliate program and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Your Brand, our software. Become an Enterprise customer.

Since April 2017 you can get our new feature: the enterprise account. Use our software with your brand and design to offer additional digital services to your customer.

Our software enables you to offer digital postbox management on your own location but also use all our Clevver Locations. You can even chose your own pricing.

Send us a mail through the contact form below to get a trial version and support from our enterprise team.

Shared Offices

Manage your customers mail and allow them to keep your address.

Registration agencies

Efficiently handle your customers mail

And many more...

Use our software as the solution for your customers!

Have other partnering suggestions?

We always have open ears for all who would like to join forces when it comes to building a complete "internationalisation toolkit".

Whether that is a Mail2Letter Serivce, a Fax service, a Domain service or any other service that would help business's internationalize in a clever way - send us your questions and thoughts below.

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